Why Swinton is ideal for families

February, 2018

Swinton is a leafy and safe Greater Manchester town perfect for families looking to live in the up and coming North West. The town is just over four miles away from Manchester and is part of the City of Salford. It is around 3.4 miles from Salford city centre and is close to the towns of Pendlebury and Clifton; it is surrounded by diverse and interesting places to work and visit. Swinton is renowned for being a commuter town, testament to its pleasant atmosphere. Indeed, it is a great place to kick back and relax after a hard day at the office, and is great for kids to play and learn in an attractive and safe environment.

In terms of transport links, Swinton has two railway stations which form part of the Manchester to Southport line. Swinton's train station is near the town centre, just over the boundary in Pendlebury, while the other station, Moorside railway station, is situated near to its junction with Chorley Road. These stations are both within short walking distance of many properties in Swinton, making the town a great place for commuters.

Manchester is increasingly becoming an economic hub of Britain, with many businesses moving there and many more employment opportunities being created. The same can be said of Salford, as the redevelopment in the city has created great new areas such as MediaCity, which has created excellent new job opportunities for skilled professionals. If you are looking for a job to support the family, there are plenty of opportunities only a stone’s throw away from Swinton.

The town is served by nine primary schools, meaning residents of Swinton have a good number of choices when it comes to where they send their children. In terms of secondary schools, Swinton is served by two main schools, Moorside High School and St Ambrose Barlow Roman Catholic High School. The latter has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and has a pupil population of around 92% Roman Catholic. It has also been chosen by the government as a ‘School of Creativity’, meaning it works in partnership with a learning programme developed by the Arts Council of England.

For those who are not of the Catholic faith or do not wish to send their children to a faith school, Moorside High School offers a great environment for learners. Its GCSE results are above average for the Salford area and have improved rapidly since 2006. Of course, there are plenty of other schools outside the perimeter of the Swinton area that also provide a great education, so it is fair to say that Swinton serves its young people well, and parents can rest assured that their children are receiving an adequate education.

In terms of fun things to do in Swinton, adults and children alike can be pleased. Apart from the pleasant green walks that can be had around the area, there are fun play centres such as The Funhouse and the Playkidds Play Centre, while adults can enjoy a range of relaxed restaurants. There really is something for everyone in Swinton, and it can provide a great quality of life - all the more reason why you should get in touch with Hannon Holmes today to find out more.

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