What’s new in Bolton?

February, 2018

The Greater Manchester area has seen a vast amount of improvement and regeneration in recent years, and Bolton is certainly keeping up with this trend. Hundreds of new homes are either being built or are in the works to help populate the area with affordable and stylish properties for locals and newcomers to live in.

Exciting regeneration projects

Indeed, Bolton’s Economic Strategy (http://www.bolton.gov.uk/sites/DocumentCentre/Documents/Economic%20Strategy.pdf) has been laid out with a number of great improvement aims for 2030. These include achieving a good mix of affordable and high-quality homes in the locations which need it, improving the town centre to produce somewhere vibrant, bustling and welcoming for everyone, maintaining local parks, and providing a quality education system with the help of the University of Bolton, and Bolton colleges, schools and academies. In this way, Bolton is becoming an increasingly pleasant and economically thriving place to live.

If you are planning to move to Bolton as a young family the improving educational facilities could prove to be a very valuable resource. It’s up and coming businesses are also a great opportunity for job seekers and those hoping to build a new career in the Greater Manchester area.

A great new town centre

Recently, a £1 billion plan to transform Bolton’s town centre was unveiled. Its main aims include a complete overhaul of certain areas of the centre, with plans to build shiny new housing developments in the works. Indeed, the council is planning to inject £100 million into the redevelopment proposals, with the rest of the money coming from private sector investment. This is a common trend for much of the Greater Manchester area: as more businesses and professionals start moving to the North West and it gains traction economically, housing developments are more likely to start popping up. This is good news for the locals of places such as Bolton, as it means that greater employment opportunities start popping up, the town gets a general revamp, and it becomes a more thriving place to live.

Affordable homes

Fortunately for those with smaller budgets, the council is planning to include a number of affordable homes in its redevelopment plans. Affordable homes are an increasingly valuable resource in much of Greater Manchester as its continual redevelopment projects are starting to see areas becoming more desirable, and therefore more expensive. Bolton is going to have a mixture of homes, meaning the community is likely to remain diverse, and it will not face the problems usually associated with so-called ‘gentrification’.

Improving connections with Manchester City Centre

On top of the obvious regeneration programmes within Bolton itself, the town is also becoming an increasingly attractive place for those working in Manchester city centre who would like to live a little outside of the hustle and bustle of city life. Bolton’s transport links have undergone major transformations in recent years, making it easier for commuters to travel in and out of Manchester every day. In this way, Bolton is a great choice for many hoping to achieve a balance between town and city living, and is the perfect choice for all kinds of families.

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