Top reasons to invest in Swinton property

January, 2018

Top reasons to invest in Swinton property

Thinking of buying a property in Salford or Manchester? It might be time to take a second look at Swinton, which is one of the fastest-growing property hotspots in the north-west. Let's take a closer look at the reasons to invest in the area.

An investment hotspot

Swinton sits in Salford, which has recently seen millions of pounds of investment poured in from public and private sources. Swinton is also close to one of Salford's biggest developments and employment areas, the Quays, which is home to BBC Media City and other leading media firms.

A great entertainment scene

New bars, cafes and restaurants are opening up all the time in Swinton and its surrounding areas, which is a sure fire sign of an area on the up. You'll find hip bars, international eateries and cosy pubs to enjoy, with good prices and a friendly crowd.

Great affordability

Despite this, prices remain affordable - although their increases are outstripping national average. This means that if you want to invest in a property in Swinton, you should act fast, while affordability is still strong. According to Rightmove, the average property price in Swinton is £175,781, which compares to a national average price of £223,807.

Excellent transport links

Swinton is perfectly placed for easy access to Salford Quays, Manchester city centre and the broader North West. Whether you want to travel by road, rail or metro, you will find plenty of options available on your doorstep.

Attractive schools

Swinton is also home to some excellent schools that have high reputations and excellent Ofsted results. Access to quality schools is one of the main drivers of property investment for families, and Swinton offers both primary and secondary schools that are attractive and highly in demand, including a broad mix of faith schools and academies. There are also excellent colleges, as well as Salford University.

Diversity of property

Swinton property is diverse and spans everything from historic terrace houses through to smart new build apartments. You'll find 1930s semis, large family homes, accessible bungalows and bijou studios. There are homes for every need and the diversity of property makes for a highly engaging, welcoming community.

Friendly locals

The locals are known for being friendly in Swinton and across Salford. You'll feel welcomed and get to know your neighbours easily. There are plenty of community activities, clubs and events to enjoy in the local area as you settle in.

Options to renovate

Some of the homes in Swinton are older in style, which means you can find houses to renovate and add value to if this is something that interests you. Many first-time buyers or couples choose to do this in order to find an affordable home and get on the housing ladder, then to renovate their home in the style that they prefer. With house prices rising in Swinton, the area is a good place to enjoy future equity and help to build up your ownership stake.

Great for rentals

Property investors looking for buy to let also find great bargains in Swinton, where there is a healthy rental market and opportunities for healthy returns.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our current available properties in Swinton and explore this promising hotspot, or get in touch for more information.


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